JDE -> SAP BI Migration

This white paper demonstrates the use of SAP BI DB Connect adapter for extracting JDE data into SAP BI. It shows how to load the data into SAP BI destination, how to extract the data from SAP BI by using DB Connect data sources and how to prepare the extracted data for analysis in SAP BI Analysis Services.

DB Connect is a delivered adapter in SAP BI for any heterogeneous data extract pull. It enables data extraction from and to SAP BI in both Full and Delta modes via standard interface. The JDE datasets supported by the DB Connect adapter were made into SAP BI infoproviders: Info Objects, Data Source Objects (DSO) and InfoCubes.

The DB connect adapter in SAP BI has the following components:

  • RFC connection between JDE source and SAP BI
  • SAP BI datasource to extract data from JDE data sources/tables
  • SAP BI Infoproviders to load data from JDE data sources/tables
    • DB connect adapter provides an efficient and streamlined solution for integrating non-SAP (JDE) data sources into SAP BI.

      Configure SAP BI to extract data from non-SAP (JDE) data source/tables with the below steps:

      • Set up the RFC Destination between JDE & SAP
      • Configure and create the SAP data source for JDE tables
      • Create the Data Transfer Process (DTP) and transformation.
      • Define parallel processing.
      • Define the size of the data package.
      • Configure the process chain.