Employee Management

In the increasingly competitive asset management industry, it is imperative to build a reputation as a desirable company, one that talented individuals want to work for and stay with throughout their careers. At RITS, the “full-circle experience” of working at our Company includes both tangible items such as compensation, benefits and job structure, and intangibles such as the company’s values, unique culture and business philosophy.

RITS Employee Engagement Strategy is our plan to succeed and win through the Company’s commitment to providing employees with meaningful work, inspirational leadership and development opportunities in a balanced work/life environment. To create our own unique form of employee engagement, we’ve focused on four key components

  • Leadership Commitment
  • Learning & Growth
  • Communication Recognition
  • Organization Flexibility
    • Scholarship Program

      The Scholarship Program targets employees who have been identified by management as high performers and potential candidates for anhigher studies in their descent. The Company anticipates awarding two fully funded scholarships per year to talented employees who clearly display leadership qualities and demonstrate a potential for long-term growth.

      Tuition Reimbursement

      The Company offers eligible employees the opportunity to receive reimbursement (up to $10,000/year) for courses or certifications that are determined to, upon completion, have a direct positive impact on the employee’s performance and development.

      Philanthropy Program

      The Philanthopy Program’s mission is to support organizations that share our Company’s values and are committed to helping young people achieve long-term personal and professional success through youth entrepreneurship and other business education programs. Through the PP, we have strategically organized our philanthropic efforts, aligning them with our business expertise and brand, while considering employees’ interests and the needs of our local communities